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Got Adult Acne?

Forget The Teen Cleansers And Find Out How To Treat Adult Acne Effectively “But I never had acne as a teenager!” says the distraught 30-year-old woman. Oh, how often those exact words are uttered in my office. Acne is a … Continue reading

Can Your Smartphone Detect Skin Cancer?

Skin Cancer Phone App Would you trust a smartphone app to spot your melanoma? Apps do about everything fairly well, so why wouldn’t you? The Journal of the American Medical Association Dermatology reports that 3 out of the 4 apps … Continue reading

Cold Sore Outbreaks

Avoid Causes And Shorten Cold Sore Outbreaks You probably have heard by now that the cold sores on your lip are a form of herpes. This is true. While classically not associated with the same strain that causes genital herpes, … Continue reading

Keep Skin Moisturized During Winter

Dry, Winter Skin In case you haven’t noticed, it is wintertime in the north state. And along with all the holiday joy comes dry skin and painfully itchy rashes.

Skin Care For Freckles

Live with your freckles; love ‘em or hate ‘em, be sure to watch ‘em It seems the search for famed aviator Amelia Earhart’s crash site may hinge upon her freckles. Her disappearance over the South Pacific 75 years ago is … Continue reading

The New Sunscreen Rules

Sorting Out The New Rules On Sunscreen Is an SPF of 100 better than 50? What do the terms waterproof, water resistant and broad spectrum really mean? If you are confused, you are not alone. After a lot of arm … Continue reading